1-Year Exclusive Classroom Program for IIT-JEE/JEE(Main)/MH-CET(Engg./Medical): 2018(1Y18)
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1-Year Exclusive Classroom Program for IIT-JEE/JEE(Main)/NEET:2018(1Y18)

Admission to this program is strictly based on 2-hours Admission test in PCM.

Structure & Duration: This Program is designed for the students going from 11th Std. to 12th Std. OR 12th appearing(for repeaters’ batch) in the year-2017 and aspiring to prepare for IIT-JEE/JEE(Main)/NEET: 2018. This program will be conducted during the academic year January/June-2017 to IIT-JEE/JEE(Main)/NEET: 2018 with 1-month break for 12th Board-Exams(Only for 12th appearing students) i.e. mid-Feb. to mid-March-2018. The program is supported by topic-wise tests, comprehensive home-assignments, part-tests, periodic-tests, good-reference-books, library-facility, doubt-clearing-sessions, revision-lectures and full-syllabus-tests with test-analysis-sessions. To sharpen skills in comprehension & analytical ability and to give the students an idea of competition at the National level, revision-lectures will mainly be taken by the renowned subject experts and authors from Mumbai as well as experts from Chennai, Delhi, Kota, Hyderabad & other places in India. The first stage of the program will be conducted from January/June-2017 to mid-Feb.-2018 for 12th appearing students and July/August-2017 to mid-March-2018 for 12th passed students followed by the Crash Course upto IIT-JEE/JEE(Main)/NEET: 2018.

Merit-Batch: Depending upon the performance of the students in the topicwise-tests & periodic-tests during the year, students will be categorised into two separate batches i.e. Merit-Batch & Exclusive-Batch for the Crash-Course. Students in the Merit-Batch will have discussion-sessions of higher level problems mainly for IIT-JEE: 2017. Students in the Exclusive-Batch will be trained for the IIT-JEE: 2018 as well as for the JEE: Main/BITSAT/NEET. 

Reference Books:  As a part of our classroom programs all students are initially given standard reference books on each subject for the self-study at home. Top scorers in the Practice-Tests & Periodic-Tests are awarded with additional set of books which are also available for all students for reference in the library at all the centres.  

Crash-Course: The second stage of the program will be in the form of Crash-Course starting from Dec.-2017 to IIT-JEE: 2018(Batch-I) and from mid-March-2018 to IIT-JEE: 2018(Batch-II) for 5-6 hours daily. Students will have additional revision sessions with highly experienced subject experts from all over the country. 

Full-Syllabus-Tests: To give a real taste of what they are likely to encounter at IIT-JEE: 2018, our panel of faculty members (Ex-IIT Professors & Ex-Professors from reputed Medical colleges having actual experience in setting IIT-JEE/AIPMT/NEET-papers) will set 9-full-Syllabus-Tests i.e. 3 for Main exam, 3 for NEET & 6 for IIT-JEE. The Tests, Test-Analysis-Sessions & paper evaluations will be on the latest pattern of IIT-JEE/JEE(Main)/NEET: 2018. Additional sets of test-papers will also be available for rigorous practice at home. A set of 40-years IIT-JEE papers with solutions & 15-years AIEEE/JEE:Main papers with solutions  & 15 years AIPMT/NEET papers with solutions will be available for more practice.    

      No separate fee will be charged for the Crash-Course, Merit Batch, extra classes with full syllabus tests for 12th Board  & Olympiad work-shops.

Topicwise-Tests, Periodic-Tests with Comparative-Progress-Reports, Part-Tests, Full-Syllabus-Tests

Periodic Tests


  • First Periodic Test
  • Second Periodic Test
  • Third Periodic Test
  • Fourth Periodic Test
  • First-Second-Third Full Syllabus Tests
  • Fourth-Fifth-Sixth Full Syllabus Tests
  • 18th-June-2017(Sunday)
  • 20th-August-2017(Sunday)
  • 22nd-October-2017(Sunday)
  • 17th-December-2017(Sunday)
  • 07-01-2018, 04-02-2018, 25-03-2018(All Sundays)
  • 22-04-2018,06-05-2018, 13-05-2018(All Sundays)

         In addition to the above mentioned 4-Periodic-Tests & 6-full syllabus tests, there will be 9-part tests and 15-18 topic wise tests throughout the academic year.

       Comparative-progress-report for all the above Periodic-Tests will be sent to the parents to inform them about the comparative performance of their ward in each Periodic-Test. Each comparative-progress-report will consist the performance of all Vidyarthians preparing for IIT-JEE/JEE(Main)/NEET: 2018 from all the centres along with the comparison of their performance in all the previous tests.

Class Schedule

(I) 12th Appearing Students: Initial lectures for this batch will be conducted 3-4-days in a week including all Sundays & public holidays upto June-2017 with extra classes from 14-05-2016(Sunday) to 11-06-2016(Sunday). From July to Dec.-2017 additional three week days to cover the portion which is already completed during 11th std. for our 2-years batch students along with all Sundays, Public Holidays, Diwali and Christmas vacations. There will be 80 classroom sessions of 3 ½-hrs. each on weekdays and 80-classroom sessions of 5-6hrs. each on Sundays, Public Holidays, Diwali & Christmas vacations upto mid-Feb.-2018 followed by Crash-Course with 5-6 hrs. daily classes during mid-March to IIT-JEE/JEE(Main): 2018. Class timing for the lectures on Sundays, Holidays & Vacations will be 2.00 - 7.30 pm & on weekdays 4.30 - 8.30 pm.

(II) 12th Passed Students: Lectures for this batch will be conducted on 4-5 days in a week for 5-6 hrs. each day. Class timings from July-2017 to mid-March-2018 will be 9.30 am-2pm followed by the complete Crash-Course(Batch-II) as mentioned above.

Admission Procedure

Admission Test:  Admission to this program is strictly based on a 2-hrs. test in PCM. The Admission Test Question Paper consists of 105(35 each in PCM) Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs). Each question has four choices with ONLY ONE correct answer. One mark is given for each correct answer. There is NO NEGATIVE marking.


Registration: To appear in the Admission Test, fill-up the Application Form completely & submit it along with two good quality recent passport-size photographs, a xerox copy of the 10th/12th board mark-sheet & test fee. Kindly collect your Admission-Test-Entry-Card duly attested by The Academy, two sets of sample papers and a copy of Information Brochure at the time of registration.


Eligibility: Students scoring minimum 51-marks as a total score (for 12th appearing students) and  56-marks (for12th passed students) with minimum 9-marks in each subject in the Admission Test will be eligible for the admission. Students unable to qualify the Admission Test in the first attempt may be allowed ONE-MORE chance to reappear. A special relaxation of 5-marks will be given to the students from SC/ST/OBC category only.


Direct Admission & Scholarship For Repeaters: Students having JEE Rank(Main OR Advanced) OR Vidyarthians interested to repeat JEE, will be eligible for the direct admission and scholarship for the Repeaters’ Batch. 

Fee-Structure and Payment-Procedure

Payment Procedure

Actual Fee

15% Service Tax*

Fee Payable with Service Tax

(A)TOTAL FEE at the time of Admission(by paying in lump-sum)




(B)FEE by paying in 2-installments:

First Installment(at the time of Admission)...

Second Installment(within 4-months from the date of Admission)

TOTAL FEE(by paying in installments)...














"The program fee is to be paid on or before the due dates mentioned in the above fee table. Fee is to be paid in the form of Cash OR through a crossed local Cheque/Demand draft in favour of  “Vidyarthi  Academy” payable at par at Mumbai.”


 *Service Tax will be charged as per prevailing rate.

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