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Introduction to the Academy

       Vidyarthi Academy was established on 5th Dec.’ 1999. In March’2000, within four months of its existence,VA was registered with The Registrar of Companies. The registered office of VA is located at Deonar-Chembur with five other centres viz. Andheri-(W), Nashik, Nerul-(E), Ahmednagar and Sangamner.


              VA was established on the basis of the findings of a survey about the citywise selection of students at IIT-JEE every year. The survey revealed that students from other major cities like Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai, Patna, Hyderabad, Kota and Chandigarh capture maximum seats at the IITs and out-perform those from Mumbai. 


         The survey also revealed that the present educational system is broadly exam-oriented rather than understanding-oriented. Emphasis on rote learning, cramming definitions & formulae and tailor-made notes have restricted the intellectual growth of the students. National level competitive exams like JEE-Main, JEE-Advance, BITSAT, KVPY, NEET & Olympiads Exams in different subjects require thorough knowledge & skills in application of the fundamentals. 


            During the last 10-11 years, we have found that some of the talented students who were capable of getting Top-Ranks at IIT-JEE concentrated more on12th Board preparation than on IIT-JEE. This is due to the misconception that passing IIT-JEE is very difficult. We believe that with a systematic training, proper guidance and consistent hard work, success at IIT-JEE is not that difficult. So we are sure that had these talented students been focused on IIT-JEE preparation they would have certainly got a better rank at IIT-JEE leading to a better future. Our results, prove beyond doubt, that students preparing for IIT-JEE also excel in all other competitive exams like AIEEE, BITSAT, Olympiads, MH-CET and outstanding performance in 12th Board, whereas students more focused for 12th Board & MH-CET may not excel in IIT-JEE,  AIEEE & BITSAT.


         To overcome this problem, we at VA have dedicated ourselves to the need of all aspirants of the competitive examinations like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, BITSAT, MH-CET. We emphasise on building strong basics in Physics, Chemistry and Maths through a thorough grounding in fundamentals and honing of problem solving skills. More than anything, it would provide the students with the necessary confidence to take up challenges in the Joint Entrance Examination and other competitive exams. 


        Perhaps, our unique approach of preparing the students for IIT-JEE has developed a new temperament for IIT-JEE preparation in Mumbai during the last 9-10years and enabled us to achieve the best success-rate for the last eleven consecutive years i.e. from IIT-JEE:2002 to 2012 with performance improvement every year.               


          Vidyarthians captured All India Ranks (AIR-2*, 3, 49) from the first 2-year batch appeared in IIT-JEE:2002. All India Rank-1st from the third batch appeared in IIT-JEE:2004. 3-Times All India-1st, 2-Times State-1st, 3-Times 1st in Mumbai with 36-All India Ranks in Top-100 like AIR-1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 19, 21, 22, 24, 30, 34, 36, 38, 46, 49...99 in last 10-years i.e. 2002-2012 with success-rate between 36% to 40% for last 5-consecutive years i.e. IIT-JEE:2007-2011 & 54% i.e. highest in last 12-years at IIT-JEE: 2012 from the state of Maharashtra where 12th Board Exams importance had been more dominating, is a miracle in the history of IIT-JEE coaching. 


       Vidyarthians have represented our country (among Top-6 students from the country) 7-times in last 12-years at The International Olympiads for Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Astronomy, Astro-Physics & Jr. Science. Vidyarthians have won 7-Gold, 2-Silver, 3-Bronze & 2-Honorary Certificate at The International Olympiads. 2002: Ravishankar-Gold for Physics. 2003: Shaleen Harlalka- Gold for Physics. 2004: Viraj- Gold for Astronomy, Sushant Sachdeva & Sudeep Kamath- Bronze for Chemistry. 2006: Manas- Bronze for Maths. 2007: Kedar- Gold for Astronomy, Manas- Silver for Math & Vivek Lohani- Honorary Certificate for Physics. 2008: Kedar- Gold for Astronomy. 2009: Kedar Gold for Astro-Physics. 2011: Prafulla- Honorary Certificate for Maths. 2012: Prafulla Gold for Maths. 


            Vidyarthians selected for Aditya Birla Scholarship:- 2003: Arunanshu Roy. 2004: Sushant Sachdeva. 2007: Manas Joglekar. 2010: K. P. Ashwin. Manas Joglekar was also selected for O. P. Jindal Award-2007. 

             The President of India Medals:- Sushant Sachdeva was awarded with The President of India Gold Medal & Sudeep Kamath was awarded with The President of India Silver Medal (both from our 2004 batch students) by President Pratibha Patil at 46th Convocation Ceremony of IIT-Mumbai on Friday-08-08-2008. Pritish Kamath (from our 2008 batch) was awarded with The President of India Gold Medal as well as Silver Medal by PM Manmohan Singh & Prashant Sachdeva (from our 2007 batch) was awarded with The President of India Silver Medal at the 50th Convocation Ceremony of IIT-Mumbai on Saturday-18-08-2012. Pratik Kumar Patil (from our 2008 batch) was also awarded with The President of India Gold Medal by former President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam at The 14th Convocation Ceremony of IIT-Guwahati on Friday-25-05-2012.   


           On special request from a group of parents, we are proud to start classroom program for NEET(National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) for Medical, for which admission will also be strictly based on the Admission Test in PCB.    

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  201, 2nd Floor Safal Pride Tower,
      Next to Deonar Depot,
      Deonar - Chembur,
      Mumbai - 400088